Apr. 29th, 2005

I was trying to explain to my mother the ins and outs of Asperger's and in addition to showing her a copy of the therapist's report, I also printed up 14 pages worth of articles and resources.

Of course, she keeps doing that thing. The one where she compares Max to some kid some friend of her's has known and saying "So, he's not really autistic. I mean, he won't have to live with you for the rest of his life, right?" What in the bloody hell goes through that woman's head, I'll never know. She kept using the phrase "high frequency autism". She also looked me dead in the face when I quoted a May 6th, 2002 article in TIME Magazine about Asperger's and said "So who else has it???". Imagine if you will that this was with a "Huh, huh, prove it? How many of the rest of you and/or your kids are fucked up" kind of demeanor. All because it said " There are differences between Asperger's and high-functioning autism. Among other things, Asperger's appears to be even more strongly genetic than classic autism"

Long ass speeches and self-indulgent whining follow )
Pardon the one area where for SOME reason, there seems to be a HUGE space between one of the tables and the preceeding text. I cannot find the error and I give up. The HTML is making my head hurt. Without the HTML coding, this was something like 4700 words and 28k characters. My fingers are tired and so are my eyes.

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