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****WARNING***** TONS of pictures follow. Definately not recommended for dial up users

From W, Alexis, Morgan, Max and C...We'd like to say we hope you had a Terrorrrrrrific Halloween!

So, about 3pm I started decorating the Aztek. My egg sac attempt failed miserably. I got those bubbles that stay. But people kept interrupting me. It's hard to make tedious little bubbles when you can't focus. So, I only really got the cobwebs and Harold up.

This is Harold. He was the overseer of the festivities.

In addition to the cobwebs and spiders, I made a CD of Halloween music.

There was the super creepy:

  • Theme from Halloween

  • Theme from The Exorcist with screams and other creepy sounds

  • Theme from Sleepy Hollow

  • The Original Outer Limits with Narration

  • Halloween Vs. Nightmare on Elm Street Techno Remix

Then there was the fun stuff:

  • Purple People Eater

  • Thriller

  • Nightmare on my Street by Will Smith

  • Monster Mash

  • Theme from Addam's Family (at some point, my daughter and Alexis broke into a chorus of this that I didn't recognize. It turned out, they were singing about the Atoms Family..."They're teeny and their tiny" and something about "And you can't see them but they make everything"

  • Theme from The Munsters

  • Theme from Ghostbusters

And, of course, I had to put in two versions of I Want Candy. This was the most commonly called for "CRANK IT UP, MOM!!!!"

C was rollin down the street in her chair screaming it at the top of her lungs and dancin'. The kids were beboppin down the street and encouraging others around them to sing along.

Our cast of characters this year was:

  • C as a Forest Wizard

  • W as a Pumpkin

  • Alexis as a Diva Witch

  • Morgan as a Hello Kitty Butterfly

  • Max as the Red Ranger

  • Nicole as Mom in Comfortable Clothes

  • Holly as Raggedy Andy

So with all that cuteness you know they loaded up on candy! I decided to do a breakdown be obsessive/compulsive about the different candies that we got.

I actually weighed it after everyone had settled down for the night.

This is what 18 lbs of candy looks like.

Here's what we had...

I'm feeling pretty bitter about this. 3 Musketeers is a classic. One of my favorites, too. THREE???? Only three?? And two of them are half snack size. So we really only got two. *cries* Oh, the injustice of it all.

3 Almond Joy (but that's okay, I don't like those anyhow)

I love the rootbeer ones!


Cheetos?????? Okie dokie...

Various little chocolate bits.


Chewy goodness

Hard Candies

This was funny. The girls came running to the car saying "They gave us HEALTH BARS??? Don't they know they are supposed to give us stuff that will rot our teeth???" As soon as I figured out what they really got, I told them not to worry. I'd be happy to take those horrible "health" bars off their hands.

A classic, of course

These are new. Very tasty. I like the Marshmallow ones.

Assorted miniatures and such

Jawbreakers. Lots of Lemonheads and two Atomic Fireballs. A handful of Now & Laters.

Pucker up!

I found Heaven this year. In the form of Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. They also have White Chocolate and Triple Chocolate.

Laffy Taffy! (Gimme your banana or someone is gonna die!)

Milk Duds!

Didn't see too many of these this year. Actually, I think WE handed these out.

M & M's.

I've always wondered how/why these were named.

Minty goodness

We can't cook these here. These little bags don't microwave so well for some reason.


Ahh, yes. A classic. A favorite. It's always good to see this Happy Orange color in the pumpkin.

Runts. These were Logan's contribution to the mix. Again, I love the banana.

A handful of saltwater taffy. There were surprisingly few of the orange/black wrapped peanut butter ones. I love those.

Taste the Rainbow!!!

Another Halloween Classic. Their numbers seem to have dwindled.

Snickers. Guffaws. Hysterics.


Stuff with Sticks. I noticed there was a Sugar Daddy. But there weren't any sugar babies. He musta gotten fixed this year.

Another common sight in a halloween bag.

This is another one of the things we handed out. If you haven't tried a Take 5...go, go now.


The lone bag of Whoppers. A travesty.

And I saved this one for last because it's always the last thing left in the bowl/bag/pumpkin each year. Not because we don't like them. Just because these are probably the most common species of candy given out on Halloween. Every year I'm amazed at their sheer numbers.

Everything I think I see, becomes a Tootsie Roll to me! I considered making a picture out of them, but it was 2am and I was sleepy.

After looking at all that candy, I promptly fell into a sugar coma. This is the point of view of the camera as it fell and went off.

Hope you all had a lovely evening. Whether you partied, watched scary movies at home, went to a Haunted House or didn't celebrate at all. I know the kids had a blast. Honestly, so did I. It was probably the best Halloween I've had in a long time.

Not because of the candy.

Not because of the costumes.

But because all 5 of those kids were exceptionally behaved, polite and helpful to each other.

I laid down the rules about riding in the back of the car with the tailgate open and they followed them to the letter. They were careful, considerate and nobody whined. Even Alexis, who got a horrible blister on her foot. Even W, who we discovered upon pulling off the pumpkin, had been sweating bullets. Even Max, who normally gets tired. That's a two mile trek they took.

Occasionally, if there was a long stretch with no porch lights, they'd hop in and I'd drive them to the next Halloween Friendly house. But for the most part, they all walked.

They all said Thank You. They jammed out to the music.

It was just a wonderful night.

As for the car...It was just over a year ago that I got it. I bought it a few days before Halloween and then promptly took it to New Orleans for Fan Faire. So when I got back, I hadn't really had time to do anything with it, but we got the idea then to do it up this year. It's perfect for it. The tail gate tilts upward enough that no one can just "slide out" without some work. So I'd promised the kids I'd do it up this year and we'd do sort of a haunted hay ride thing.

My only complaint about the whole night was that when we first started, there were people tearing through my neighborhood. The speed limit is 30. On Halloween, when you KNOW kids are excited and bound to be darting out into the street, it's fucking ignorant and lethal to go through a residential neighborhood at anything about 5 miles an hour.

I'm so happy that Logan brought C and W over. Morgan and Max were happy to see them and Alexis has been wanting to meet C for over a year.

It's on my mind that last night may well be the last time for a long while that we're all able to be together on Halloween again. So it was a great memory made and a good time was had by all.

Raggedy Andy

Signing off.

I leave for MEPS on Friday.
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