Sep. 2nd, 2005

Just a quick update. We are on generator power that is running one window unit AC, a small dorm fridge and the cable modem.

Things in my city and all the surrounding cities have become damn near anarchy. The gas stations are being guarded by police and the lines are long. Tempers are hot and on one side you have people more than willing to help where they can and on the other you have people that are lashing out with violence and idiocy.

I am now armed wherever I go. Sad that it's necessary, ain't it?

I didn't mention this last week because I was still processing it, but on Friday before all of this hit, I lost my job.

Going to be rough going for a while.

I'll try to keep you updated as I can.

I have a feeling the actual processing of the unemployment is going to take a little longer than it normally would. I'm hoping that there will be lots of business popping up in the rebuilding industry. I can paint and have a little experience as a carpenter's helper.

On Tuesday I made an attempt to drive to Atlanta to see Nate and some other old friends. Fate was not on my side and due to the inability to find gas as well as certain people apparently not being okay with me being in their city at all, I turned around and came back. I ran out of gas right before the exit where K&K live and they came and got me.

It's good to know that friends who say they couldn't rest not knowing if you were okay during the storm can turn around and spend days angry that you were going to try to come visit after the storm when all the chaos set in.

I think through this I've discovered who the real friends are and am going to slowly whittle down that circle again. Not online, but in the real world.

Cell phone coverage is still quite spotty and apparently Cingular's voicemail system flaked out. I lost any saved messages I had and also lost any new ones that may have been sitting there. Text messages are usually your best bet.

Okay, going to go boil some more water for doin' dishes and continue the bathtub laundry venture.

I'll try to stay in touch as I can.



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