Jul. 2nd, 2005

I opened up my CD case yesterday and re-discovered a CD I hadn't listened to in years! Soul Asylum ~ Grave Dancer's Union. I'd forgotten how much I liked that one. This reminded me that I also want to replace my Live ~ Throwing Copper CD. It's been a while since I heard that one, too. Too long.

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Working a little late today for one of the guys in the office who had something to do. He'll be in about 4. Then it's just me and Max and I'm off work till Tuesday morning. Thinking we may go hang out with the Dago and Keith and let Max and A. play or Gio mentioned maybe going out on the river. It'll be nice to have some just me and Max time on a holiday weekend.

Monday night, I plan on getting some sparklers and maybe a few small fireworks and having Logan and C & W over to watch the neighbors do fireworks over the lake. It's usually a nice little show.

I refuse to fight the downtown traffic and spend the evening out in the heat, crowds and parking disaster that is the levee on the 4th, so this way, C has air conditioning nearby and we can have ice cream and do sparklers and have a nice time. :)


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