May. 26th, 2005

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I'll know something in a few days I guess.

Here's the very basic update as I'm tired and sore and frazzled.

I've been on jury duty this week. I'll likely be stuck in the courthouse on Saturday and Sunday, too.

Working memorial day.

Today, I had two growths removed from the back of my head. One has been there since I was a little kid. The other is new.

I thought I had a pimple. I had a sore spot that was swollen. The pressure made it hard to turn my head.

I had Logan take a look. Logan said "Get that looked at. It doesn't look good."

My dad looked at it. Dad said "Call the doctor and make an appointment as soon as possible." My dad. King of "oh, it's fine." This is the man that said "he just needs a band-aid" when Madison split his chin open. A little worrisome when he says "go now".....

Called the doc today to see if I could drop in on my way into work.

He looked and said "I want to remove those right now."

My doctor has never been of the "alarmist" type. So, yeah, I am a little freaked.

He's sending the new one for testing. The other one I think he just removed because it's been there all my life and boy was it a pain when the hair dresser hit it with clippers or a comb. But yeah, I think that was just a "while I'm at it" kind of deal.

So, there ya go.

Mom has spent the entire afternoon being an ass. Moreso than usual. She came in a bit ago in tears and said "I'm sorry. Tell Logan I'm sorry, too. I'm just really scared."

My response..."Mom, I get that. It's okay. I am a little scared, too. But if that's what's bothering you, then say that's what's bothering you. Because if you are acting like an asshole, and don't tell anyone what's up...then we just think you're being an asshole."

Anyhow...there ya go. I'm tired. I'm sore. Going back to bed.


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